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Terms and Conditions

9x9stationeryPrivacy Statement


9x9stationery protects your online privacyin the most rigorous way. Please read this statement in detail. You can absolutely understand our policies and principles for handling your personaldata, as well as the scope and purpose of collection and utilization when youuse the services provided by 9x9stationery. This statement is subject to changeat any time. Please check it regularly. 9x9stationery will protect your privacyright to your personal data in accordance with the law and the contents of thisstatement.


1. Onlineactivities

When you participate in the onlineactivities held by 9x9stationery, we will ask you to provide your name, IDnumber, telephone number, e-mail address and other private information.


2. Personal information

If the personal information you provide iswrong or incorrect, it will not be protected by this statement.


3. 9x9stationery's use of members' personal data

In order to provide you with acomprehensive and diversified service on 9x9stationery, we hope to collect andanalyse your frequency of use of the various services, the personal data youhave entered and the results of your preference survey, in order to understandyour usage habits and provide you with a more personalised service, which willserve as an important reference for us to improve our services.


4. 9x9stationery's confidentiality responsibility formembers' personal data

9x9stationery will not disclose, sell,exchange or transfer any of your non-public information to any third party,except with your consent or as required by law.


5. 9x9stationery uses Cookies statement

In order to improve the service andshopping process, 9x9stationery uses cookie technology to store someinformation in the user's computer for the purpose of recording the items inthe shopping cart and personalized services, without the intention ofinfringing personal privacy. Cookie is a technology for the web server tocommunicate with the user's browser. If you do not want to open this function,you can set it through the browser, Cancel or restrict this feature.


6. 9x9stationery's personal data update statement formember users

You can use the account number and passwordregistered in 9x9stationery to update your personal information. However,transaction records, payment information, etc. are not subject to thisamendment.


7. Security statement for personal information

(1) Please do not provide any personalinformation such as your member account number and password to any third party.

(2) Your member account information andnetwork identity file information are password protected, and only you can readthis personal information.

(3) You can use your member ID and passwordto modify your member profile and network ID data.

(4) Once we have received your information,we will do our best to ensure that it is stored securely on our systems.

(5) As the transmission of data over theInternet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, despite our efforts to protectthe security of your personal data, we cannot ensure the security of the datayou send or receive. This risk is not covered by 9x9stationery'sresponsibility.


8. Transaction Security Statement

9x9stationery is a website with a fullsecurity system to protect the transmission of personal information (e.g.credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, etc.) during the shoppingprocess.


9. Please contact us

If you have any questions about9x9stationery's privacy statement, please feel free to contact us by email andwe will explain it.

E-mail : service@9x9stationery.com