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Delivery Service

Overseas service areas

At present, we only provides foreign service areas:Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines and Europe.

For other regions, please contact customer serviceto inquire whether it can be delivered.

-E-mail : service@9x9stationery.com

-Facebook fan group : https://www.facebook.com/9x9stationery-106725208526037

*Fordelivery to Taiwan, please visit the following link : https://www.9x9.tw


Delivery Notes.

1. Overseas delivery is by "S.F. Express" or "7-11 StorePickup".

S.F. Express : Hong Kong,Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada,Mexico and Europe, the system will automatically calculate the delivery feewhen the shopping cart is checked out within 20kg. If the weight exceeds 20kg,customer service will contact the customer and make up the   shipping cost for the excess kilogram before shipment.

S.F. Smart Locker Pick-up : For Hong Kong only, please complete the card payment and fill in the address ofthe Smart Locker online, the address of the Smart Locker is as follows : https://bit.ly/3Bgqd3h

7-11 Store Pick-up : Available in HongKong, Singapore and West Malaysia only, no cash on delivery, please checkout onlinefirst.

Hong Kong: 5kg weight limitfor parcels picked up in shop.
Singapore: 10kg parcelweight limit for store pick-up.
Western Malaysia: 20kg forparcels in shop.

   *If the parcel is not picked up in the store, the parcel will be sent to the"overdue delivery address" filled in by the customer at the time ofpurchase. When the 
     parcel is received, the customer will be charged as follows,
HongKong: 27hkd / kg; 2nd-5kg 37 HKD / kg
Singapore:7 SGD / kg; Continuous weight 3 SGD / kg

WesternMalaysia: 9 Myr / kg; Continuous weight 3 Myr / kg

   *if the parcel is not picked up at the store and is sent to the "overduedelivery address" filled in at the time of purchase, if the parcel are still not 

     accepted, the parcel will be sent to the logistics warehouse fordestruction without refund.

2. For Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe, thename and address of the addressee must be in English.

3. Itwill be delivered within 10-35 days depending on the region after it is sent.The delivery time may be extended according to the express delivery status andcustoms inspection. If customs taxation is handled by the customer.

4. If the package is rejected due to the tax problem of the customs section, itwill not be refunded. Please pay special attention.

5. The delivery fee will be calculated automatically when the items are added tothe shopping cart and the cart is checked out within 20kg. Ifthe weight exceeds 20kg, the customer will be contacted by customer service tomake up for the delivery fee in excess of 20kg before shipment.